There are online editing software paid monthly, but If you do not produce video very frequently, it might not suit you. I try to make about two videos each month becuase I only work on this site in spare time.

You no longer have to cash in your life savings in order to enjoy the best video editing software! Take a look at these superb examples, all of which are completely free, to see what we mean. To help you make best use of your time, we’ve rounded up some of the top free video editing software for 2019, in our look back over what’s been available throughout the year. Is LoiLoScope 2 really appropriate for doing video editing on a laptop? yet many of LoiLoScope 2’s higher end features, such as creating HD videos for Blu-ray disk burning — call for a system with considerably more horsepower than that of a notebook PC.


This powerful program makes screencasting incredibly intuitive and is one hundred percent free to use. If you are looking into software to screencast for your podcast or other internet broadcast, read on to discover the features in OBS. Another free video editor for Windows, Mac and Linus, Shotcut is fully open source and packed with handy features.

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If you’re looking to edit video for free, you have plenty of software options to choose from. As technology continues to evolve, more and more software that was once only available to those with a small fortune is becoming freely available online.

  • You have to use the OTG adapter to power the stick, which means you can’t charge the Capsule and the streaming device at the same time, unless you have a separate power source for the stick.
  • On the plus side, I’m glad Anker stuck with a full-size HDMI port.
  • Of course, plugging in a streaming stick presents another problem.
  • But when you reach a dark scene, it’s very difficult to see details.

We just gave you a Mac-only application, how about a Windows video recording software next? GoPlay is a screen recording app that allows users to easily create high-definition videos, edit them in a jiffy, and then export the final product to social media with the click of a button. Most free video editing software is a little basic, but HitFilm Express includes a system that can handle surprisingly advanced editing duties without overwhelming the user with a super-complex interface. The system also includes access to a few special effects—a great tool for youngsters or students hoping to make some fun stuff.

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Therefore I need a video edit software can work for all those different types of input formats. At the beginning, I tried Windows Movie Maker, which is free but it cannot support all my video formats. There are tools for video format converting, however that means it Chicken Invaders 3 will add extra step for video editing. I like VideoPad is just one off payment rather than recursive payment, such as pay monthly or annually.

Here is a screenshot from my VideoPad interface, in which I have highlighted some key areas for video editing. But I checked the recent version , the overall structure remains the same, except the old version presents both clip preview and sequence preview on the same screen, but the new version you chose which one to display. It might have improved some other features but here I only talk about the overall interface. For my case, I have videos recorded from mobile and tablet (.mp4 format), or from the compact camera, which is the AVCHD video in .mts format and .mpeg format. Occasionally I also took some recordings from my DSLR camera, which is shown as Quick Time Movie (.mov).

Many of the options on the market today can be quite pricy. Free options tend to lack features that are essential for a smooth broadcast. There is however, one option out there that is both free and loaded with features. That software is called Open Broadcaster Software , or OBS.