It lists the years of experience expected, skills like object-oriented programming, and the frameworks that candidates need to be familiar with. Developers who read this job description will know right away whether they may or may not be a good match. Programmers who are active in online communities will often be open to connect and may be able to refer other developers if they themselves are unable to work on your project. According to Codementor’s data on freelance developers’ desired hourly rates, the average rate for a freelance PHP developer is $61-80/hr. PHP is one of the most commonly used software development languages. It powers around 79% of the web, including sites we are all familiar with, like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. PHP is also responsible for some key WordPress functions, including the displaying, sharing, and reading of content.

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It sometimes takes less than a week for us to get you from candidates sourcing to contract signature after all the interviewing and selection processes. When clients meet engineers that speak their language and have the necessary skills, they usually do not wish to wait. We carefully handpick the best offshore software companies php programmer salary located in Eastern Europe and Latin America. To make sure our clients have access to the best PHP developers, we pre-vet each company before it can publish the profiles of its employees on our platform. Because of its relative simplicity, PHP is often chosen by beginners to start off their software development career.

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Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm uses more than 600,000 data points to make its predictions. To get the most accurate prediction of the salary you might earn, customize the prediction in your Dice profile. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported $84,360 as the mean annual wage for computer programmers as of 2015. Programmers working for software publishers averaged $102,480, while those working for state governments averaged $70,840 ().

The average pay for a PHP Programmer is $82,377 a year and $40 an hour in the United States. The average salary range for a PHP Programmer is between $57,573 and $102,324. This compensation analysis is based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in the United States.


According to Codingdojo, PHP is among the top 7 programming languages with the biggest number of job postings on Indeed as of January 2019. PHP is a language that becomes useful through other technologies.

Speaking of PHP development, we’ll eventually get across using frameworks. As it’s not the cheapest and most convenient solution to use a fruit of competitor’s experience. Our experts can help you determine what devops team structure skills and experience exactly you need to look for in your potential offshore PHP developers. As a result, we’ll put together a detailed list of criteria, which will be used to search for appropriate candidates.

How To Hire The Best Offshore Php Developers

The PHP programmer uses testing and debugging skills to ensure that these and other Web applications are running smoothly. No matter how complex your project is, we’ll do our best to simplify the process of finding and hiring the best PHP developers for your project.

A PHP programmer is responsible for designing and implementing website functions by writing PHP script code and templates. The programmer combines PHP with other programming protocols to design, build and manage such application packages as report generating protocols, games or e-commerce shopping carts.

Highest Paying Cities In United States For Php Developers

Thus, a good PHP developer needs to have experience with the programming fundamentals. Offshore software development rates in Latin America range within $30-50$. Offshore developer hourly rate in Asia begins at 18$ and reaches 40$ per hour. In Africa, development agencies charge between 20$ and 40$ per hour depending on the developer’s skillset. The first part of this job description is already using keywords, like PHP, and briefly states what the engineer will be building.

  • That will make you attractive to most companies even lacking knowledge in a certain, server-side language.
  • PHP programming language is flexible and meets modern development needs.
  • Concentrate on becoming a well rounded developer with core fundamentals, expertise in a single language alongside client-sid stuff.

Therefore, you must be extremely careful if you want to hire the right PHP developers for your project. It is crucial to distinguish between those who use PHP as a springboard into their career in IT and true professionals who are passionate about what they do. And the best way to hire the right people is to get help with recruitment. In 2017, the WP Engine platform representatives conducted a php programmer salary survey of almost 1,000 developers across the USA. The survey results showed that PHP was the fourth easiest programming language to learn, according to 4.9 % of the surveyed developers. The US is a golden land for programmers – most of the top hires and talent write their codes in the States. Trying to understand what is the cap for a good developer, one has to take a look at American numbers.

The Average Salary Of A Computer Server Engineer

The reason is that technologies prevail in the everyday activities of local businesses. As a result, the demand for qualified developers, including the PHP programmers, is growing every year .